FamilyWorking: A new approach to work putting family at the centre

A revolutionary way of remote working that puts family at its centre, by combining family balance and work. The implementation of a realistic Phase 2 plan during the COVID-19 emergency must have as a fundamental pillar the protection of children while allowing parents the return to full-time work


"In this climate of absolute uncertainty smart working is not a solution, but a titanic challenge for families, who find themselves having to manage a full-time job, remotely, which does not involve a conciliation with the family routine. As an entrepreneur I feel the duty to give an answer and concrete tools, beginning with my employees, to protect not only their health, but also their psychological and family balance. It is because of this that we  launched FamilyWorking, a new corporate organizational structure: it is our answer to the crisis, from which we are confident we will emerge soon, but also our proposal of the future’s way of working , in which speed and balance will be fundamental to re-start fast, more united and strong than before”

Carlalberto Guglielminotti
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The main difficulties of employees in managing their children in Phase 2

FamilyWorking: the Bill of Rights

The fundamental principle of FamilyWorking is that going to the office to work is a right, not a duty, and the new natural workplace is your home. FamilyWorking is not remote working but the official recognition of 5 rights aimed to positively combine work and family: a responsibility of the top management, who, by choosing it as an organizational set-up, must ensure its fulfillment

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1. Right to technology

If home is the new office, tools must be adequate. It cannot be acceptable to work remotely without having access to the best technologies, the best infrastructure, and the most realistic and advanced virtual experience. The company must guarantee it, in your home

ENGIE Eps will provide for your home the same tools you had in the workplace

A professional workstation

HD screen, dock station, ergonomic chair, HD webcam and a contribution to your broadband Wi-Fi connection


Complete virtual but balanced interaction

By getting used to work only from your workstation, the time dedicated to work and to family is separated. And remember that a video call reduces stress by 60% compared to a phone call, but only if audio and video are of quality

2. Right to flexibility

Continuous eight hours are the past and a nightmare for the family. Traditional part time is a race with obstacles, and getting it is often a miracle. In FamilyWorking, working hours are in function to your needs, and the balance between family and work

ENGIE Eps gives you maximum time flexibility

Flexible daytime, marked by family needs

You will be able to do your work when it suits your family routine better. You will no longer be forced to operate in the 9-18 time slot. By simply using the electronic calendar you’ll inform the team about how you will distribute your working hours and "private" slots to manage personal or family needs, in which you will not be disturbed


Flexible part-time, revised monthly

If you have children, you can temporarily reduce your working hours. You only need to indicate each month the weekly amount of hours you plan to perform, and your pay will be automatically adjusted. As apart time on demand, but totally flexible, and editable from month to month.

3. Right to time for the family

If you do not answer a colleague’s video call it is because you can't be disturbed, because you are dedicating time to the family, and the company has the obligation to respect it

ENGIE Eps helps you to manage the communication with your colleagues effectively and sustainably

Only videocalls allowed, only from your workstation

Among colleagues, traditional phone calls are completely replaced by video calls. Talk will be done only by videoconference, and from the workstation. Video makes communication more effective, less stressful, and more human. Answering only from a computer allows you to separate work from personal activities as well. It will of course be essential to uninstall the videoconferencing system from the company's mobile phone: you will have to do it to give priority to your family


Family and rest

Sending mails or instant messaging to colleagues is interrupted from 8 p.m. The time flexibility cannot go beyond these hours, which must be dedicated to family and to rest. A pop-up with a reminder will appear on your screen

4. Right to wellness

Scientists are unanimous: mental well-being  is linked to physical well-being. To say that you must do physical activity when working from home, but you are not allowed to leave your house, is just a slogan. The company will have to provide concrete tools to promote physical and mental well-being

ENGIE Eps helps you to maintain an active and balanced lifestyle in partnership with PhysioTechLab and Fabrizio Macchi, ENGIE Eps spokes person and Paralympic athlete with 29 Italian championships, 4 European medals, 15 world medals, including 2 golds and bronze at the 2004 Athens Games

Daily Fitness

Every day you will be able to do a fitness lesson via Zoom, with Fabrizio Macchi’s personal trainers. To motivate you, 20% of business and personal incentives will be paid based on attendance at these lessons. Your family members will be able to participate, always involve them


Measure your health and stress

Every month you will be able to submit to Home M.e.a.sure, the innovative  self-assessment test of your physical state developed by PhysioTechLab. To work effectively you do not have to give up your free time and well-being. Never

5. Right to be a parent

Raising children while working from home requires not only routine and organization, but content. Parents find themselves to be the only witnesses of the hardships of their children, of their regressions, expressions of fear, moments of sadness and isolation, and also of new ways of relationship that the 24-hour coexistence has brought into the relationship between adults and children. The company will have to help raise the interaction with children by making dedicated content and experts available to its employees

ENGIE Eps, thanks to the partnership with the nursery-school for children, the Locomotiva of Momo - an educational excellence in Milan for 25years inspired by the Reggio approach -, gives you tools and quality content to support your parenting path

 Pedagogue’s Webinars

Weekly webinars with a pedagogue to improve your children's growth path. Adult discussion rooms will be led by experienced pedagogues on issues regarding growth and specific subjects emerged as a consequence of the COVID-19 emergency: children's exposure to screens, children’s bond, autonomy management, quality of learning within the home walls and frustration for lack of social relationships between peers


Challenge for Children

A proposal of activities called “challenge” to be held three times a week for children from 0 to 11 years old, to help you sharing time with them and grow together. The objective of the challenge is to involve children by launching very open provocations and therefore easy understandable by children and parents. The challenges will always include the use of materials already present in the house (like recycling materials) or involve children in explorations that will lead them to have a new look on their home. In general, challenges stimulate children and adults to enhance their ability to look at objects in an unusual way, opening possibilities for discovery and generating intellectual, artistic and motor activation

Parents Private Community

A confidential community, open to the family of our employees, to share with the families of colleagues the activities carried out with children, images, videos and drawings


Listening centre

Individual or couple pedagogical listening desk, which can be activated on request, conducted by a pedagogue, with the purpose of supporting the critical issues that emerged from the management of children, rules, time and family relationships

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